Sunday, July 13, 2008

Electric Lime, Dazzle, and Toothless

This weekend, we finally conquered The Boy's room. I picked out the colors based on the quilt that I am working on, which The Boy picked out eons ago. So, since we have this reversible Outer Space quilt in the works, and The Boy loooooooves Star Wars, we decided on a Star Wars/Outer Space room. We already have a rocketship ceiling fan, and he has 2 space pictures thanks to his Aunt Joyce.

So, the colors. I picked out the blue first. The one that worked was called Dazzle. I liked it but was worried about the whole room being that color, so I picked out a second color from the quilt. It turned out that Electric Lime was just the right shade. I know, Electric Lime! It is just what you are imagining, seriously. What is totally awesome, too, is that The Boy's toy bins and throw blanket are ALL in those two colors!! What a treat! Well, it is once it is all put together. We have one green wall, two blue walls, and one half-and-half wall (which will sport a running shelf across the dividing line on which to display Star Wars things and such). Honestly, I was really concerned about what I was envisioning, as I am sure you are as you read this. BUT, it looks absolutely amazing! It is the coolest little boy's room I think I have ever seen!!! And I did it!! Well, to be honest, the hubby helped paint it, but I mean, I picked everything out and orchestrated the design, which scared the you-know-what out of me (I mean, really, people, did I mention the colors?!?!). SO, hats off to Mom on this one. I still know how to make my little boy smile his giant grin! The Boy was thrilled throughout the transformation, but putting it together for him tonight really made it real for him, and he was ecstatic!

On the subject of The Boy, I should also mention that he lost his first tooth tonight... in a ball of sticky rice... that he apparently swallowed. :-P He is now a cute, toothless wonder that will be embarking on this new and embarrassing stage of childhood known as, "please don't make me smile in that picture; you know I look ridiculous with all these holes in my mouth" - oh, the joys of childhood! We'll let him see how much fun these days are after his adult teeth come in and he realized that they are too big for his face, and then he'll probably see that toothless is not so bad after all.

Okay, I am signing off now. It has been a long and busy weekend here. (you should try painting with three small children - one of whom never had her umbilical cord properly severed... I should sue!).

Blessings and good night!

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