Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Must Read - For Everyone!!

I just finished the most amazing book: The Shack. This book was not only a great read, it was poignant, inspiring, and life-changing. If you have not heard of the book, check out their site: If you have heard of it, but not read it, PLEASE reconsider!! This book sat in my house for several months before I was convicted enough to read it, and when I read it, I was really hooked! I couldn't wait to get back to the book each time I had to put it down (which was often since I have three children, all of whom were ill during this time).

I am not going to tell you much about the book; I am just going to tell you that it will change how you think about God... in a GOOD way. In a let-out-that-breath-you-were-holding way. In a kind of "Oh, Thank You, Jesus!" kind of way. Seriously, this book could be the difference between really knowing God and just thinking that you know God.

One thing I have said for as long as I have considered myself a Christian is this: I refuse to dictate what God can or can't, will or won't, do. I will NOT put God in a box. Boy-howdy, am I every glad I had that part figured out before reading this book! {smile}

Okay, enough about that.... Just go get the book and read it!! And the best deal is on while you are there, get more than one. Trust me. You can buy two for slightly more than the cover price, and you will want the extra one (at least!) when you finish the book! (or, you can do the book club thing and have a spouse or friend or family member read it at the same time!!) Just get the book!!

Well, I have uploaded some photos of our latest home project, The Boy's Room, to a web album. Check it out:

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