Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independence Day, America!

Well, it has been a long, relaxing weekend so far. We celebrated our nation's independence in the good ol' American way: with the grill, the neighbors, and some flashy stuff up in the sky. Lots of flashy stuff.

We learned the year after we moved in here that we need not travel to see fireworks. We need only plant our bottoms in our front yard - far enough out to get a good 360 degree view. Yup, the fireworks are plenty, and on all sides of us. This year, our city even had their own show... which was just down the street, so we got to see those over the trees as well.

Only problem we had was Dania. She started off crying and begging them to be over. "No, pop! Done! No more, pop!!" Sob, sob, sob. So, being the Mommy, I took her inside to watch television, which we had to turn up pretty loud to drown out the sounds of the "pop!" Eventually, she settled down to sleep, but she did cry out in her sleep later, "No, pop!" Poor dear.

Anyway, we are thankful to have such a wonderful thing as independence and freedom. We may not always agree with the choices of everyone in this great country, but we have the freedom to disagree. We have the freedom to do things our way. I have the freedom to work or not, breastfeed or bottle-feed, spank or not, educate at home or in public or private institutions, buy a home or rent, drink water or beer or Kool-Aid, and vote for my values and opinions. We have freedom.

Thank You, Lord, Most High, for all You have blessed our great nation with, but mostly, I thank You for the vision You gave our ancestors long ago... the vision of freedom. For everyone.

Thank you, Founding Fathers, for your vision and for your efforts. You started something wonderful. Something we can all be proud of. Something we can all appreciate. Something we should all be thankful for.

Happy Independence Day!

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