Tuesday, September 22, 2009

StudyPod Cuts Kinks!

We received an interesting item in the mail last month: the STUDYPOD Book Holder. What was the most interesting right off the bat is that I recognized what it was right away and was wishing I had owned one of these things back when I had to write reports for a living - four hours of observation notes had to fit on my desk with my keyboard, monitor, and mouse so that I could organize it all into a polished, computer-generated report. Whew, would the STUDYPOD have made my life easier!!

Okay, so back to 2009. My eldest child immediately set about putting it together: folding out the arms, checking the "how-to" sheet, putting in the latch, and stuffing pencils into the pocket. (I guess that is bonus points right out of the chute!) Additionally, with the mess that always exists on my desk, the laying out of papers or books is precarious at best. There are currently speakers, monitor, mouse, mousepad, filing box, CD-ROMs, stack of papers, science book, co-op notes, and cell phone residing on my desk, so my notes for my review are perched neatly on the edge of my desk using the... {drum roll, please}... STUDYPOD!!! That's right, folks, the STUDYPOD is currently taking up less space than most of the other temporary residents on my desk, so color me tickled! I almost feel... organized!

Although we really don't have much use for the STUDYPOD in our homeschooling, I can attest to the ingenuity of this great product all by myself. If you have a middle school or high school student in your home, or you have a college student in the family, the STUDYPOD would make book reports and research reports a much less frustrating experience - it keeps the books at eye level, frees your desk up for mouse and keyboard, and it is only about the size of a textbook (smaller than college textbooks, though!), so it isn't a big thing to lug to the library or school. And that is just convenience! Let's talk about neck pain from looking down at the book or papers laying on your kitchen table, or the blessed absence of neck pain... and let's talk about back pain from crouching over your book while you write notes, or the happy lack of back pain... and let's talk about bad study habits caused by poor posture, discomfort, and time-consuming readjustments of all your materials, or the joyous opportunity to develop better study habits with the STUDYPOD.

I know, it seems like a tall order for such a simple product, but seriously, if I can love it this much without actually being a student in need of such a thing, you can imagine how great this study aid actually is! As a bonus to all of you for reading this review and determining to try a STUDYPOD for yourself, the makers of the STUDYPOD are offering you each a coupon code worth $5 off at their website; just use the code TOSBLOG5 when you place your order.

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