Thursday, October 8, 2009

Calysta, the Creative Preschool Teacher!

This morning, i gave Calysta the responsibility of helping Dania with her alphabet puzzle (we have started exposing her to letters). I simply reminded Calysta that learning should be fun for Dania and left her to it.

You will never guess what she did! I am so proud!!

She "hid" each letter somewhere in the house for the younger kids to "find," which is fun in itself. But the amazing part to me is that she hid the letters near or with an object that started with that letter! For example, she hid "C" in the candy dish, "N" in the napkin holder, and "L" in the lamp. She's so creative!


I am so proud. Future preschool teacher... future homeschooling mother... Did i mention how proud i am?

Have a creative day!

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