Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun, Fabulous Friday

Today, the kids got to go to work with Daddy for an hour. {BIG smile} He let them eat breakfast in the cafeteria, work on their writing in his office, and hang out with him. Calysta says he doesn't really work, he just talks to people about computers... "and not just work computers, either!"

Then we raced home to walk all four dogs in the never-ending chilly drizzle, and off we went again! This time, we headed in the opposite direction to visit Grandpa and Grandma, who had the cousins over for the weekend. We made homemade scare crows (with newspaper and construction paper, if you can believe that!) and played in the yard with the cousins and grandparents. Yay, mud!! It was a blast, if a bit chilly!

I desperately needed that second cup of coffee that came far too late in the day, so i will probably pay for it late tonight when my eyelids refuse to shut! Oh, well, it was bound to happen. Still, it was a fun, fabulous day!

Y'all have a fun, fabulous Friday night!

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