Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Allergic...

...to cleaning!

I know, it sounds like i must be making this stuff up, but i think it might be true!! Yesterday, i decided to tackle some of the unidentifiable junk that has been accumulating in various places upstairs over the past few months (with 1 birthday, Halloween, another birthday, Thanksgiving, ANOTHER birthday, 3 Christmas gatherings, and our regular routines, it has been all i could do to focus on the downstairs). About an hour into my tidying, my nose turned into a leaky faucet. A couple of hours later, my head was pounding a most unpleasant beat. Later in the evening, after i had ceased all attempts to organize the chaos that i had created during the gut-it-to-deal-with-it frenzy, i wanted to liberate my nose from my face for the constant itching and my eyes were trying to swim out of my head.


To clarify things some more, i took some Benadryl before bed so i could sleep, convinced i was getting a cold and was going to be miserable for the duration. Not so: I slept like the dead! I woke up with Dania in bed with me, and for once, i didn't remember her climbing in!!

Well, the facts seem to be indisputable at this point: i am allergic to cleaning. Too bad....


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  1. I'm allergic to chocolate. It makes my thighs swell.