Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kids are Great!

Last night, we enjoyed a Christmas performance here at my house. My 2 oldest children and 4 of their closest friends told the story of the birth of Jesus, offset with LOTS of Christmas musical favorites. They worked so hard this month, memorizing their lines, learning the actual words to the songs, and learning motions to accompany the songs. They got a bit nervous and giggly in the first act, but they rose above it and persevered... ending with applause!

We had Christmas cookies, Birthday Cake, homemade hot cocoa, and two different kinds of decaf Christmas tea. I put a donation cup on the refreshments table and explained that we were raising money for a missionary family in New Zealand. At the end of the night, there was almost $40 in that cup! (God is really making his $20 point!)

I will be making DVD copies of the recorded production for everyone who couldn't attend last night's performance. A small donation of $1 to benefit the missionary family in New Zealand is all we ask in return.

Have a blessed Sabbath (sort of) and a wonderful Christmas season!!

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