Saturday, December 12, 2009

Introducing The Corporate Wife

Well, the computer geek i married decided he needed a better career path - one that had more ability to move up in the company or greater potential with another company should something happen with his job. He put in for a management position and was offered the job. Congratulations. Yes, by all means, congratulations are in order; i am very proud of him. That being said, i turned into a corporate wife overnight!! He officially got named for the position yesterday and was handed an invitation to the "Managers Only" Christmas party at the VP's house... for tonight! No learning the ropes, getting used to the way things are done, or slipping slowly into the swing of things?!?!

Nope, being a good little stay-at-home wife, i exchanged my sweatpants for pleated slacks, my bobby pins for style, and my slippers for heels... and i accompanied my husband to his holiday party. We hobnobbed with the other managers, made nice with the Vice President, and exchanged small talk with people whose names i will never remember! It was fine. I was tense, worried about saying or doing something dumb, but it was fine. The house was beautiful, the people were kind, the food was delicious, and it was wonderful to be invited to such an elaborate Christmas party.

The Computer-Geek-Turned-Manager officially starts his new position Monday. Maybe we padded the corporate account a bit on his behalf by schmoozing with the higher-ups. I certainly hope so: my bunions would hate me if it was all for nothing!! I can tell you one thing: i am not cut out for this corporate wife stuff... not that it matters now. {sigh}

I suppose God often pulls us out of our comfort zones to find new gifts, skills, or talents buried inside us. Maybe that is what He is up to. He better be planning to dig pretty deep!!

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