Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thinking in Text

Okay, i'm not a potty mouth as a rule, and i often cringe at the colorful language in our everyday lives.  If i could slap my hands over my children's ears to save them from ever hearing the expletives uttered by unthinking adults, i surely would.  However, 3 kids times 2 ears apiece, divided by my 2 hands doesn't equal successful mathematics, so i will continue to educate them about the choice each of us has with our words.

That being said, there are days i think like a sailor - those are the days that i seem slow-witted because everything i want to say is being dredged through my child-friendly filter.  Now, however, with online chat and text-messaging as a regular method of interpersonal communication, there are handy abbreviations for all those devilish adjectives... and i feel proud to have learned a new language at such a ripe age!

This morning, my sleep-deprived brain was unable to properly filter a colorful reaction to a seemingly-unreal scenario - but it's okay, because what i said was "WTF!" Yep, the letters, not what they stand for.  As a general course of behavior, i do not use the "f-word," but "WTF!" really fit at that moment.

So, though i do not advocate the willy-nilly use of ignorant language, i can now thankfully add yet another method of filtering to my repertoire.

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