Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hobby?? Or Home Business??

I have begun making hats and headbands just for fun, and i discovered i could be good enough to sell them... so i went out and invested in some cuter yarns, some flowers, and some add-ons, and i am going to make them available to the general public!  Yay!

Keep in mind, the hats take on average 2 hours to make, unless they are really simple and really small.  The headbands obviously use less yarn and take less time to crochet, but they have time-consuming and expensive decorations.

Okay, here are the ones i did this weekend - some are for sale, but some are already taken but don't worry!!  I can make whatever you like if i don't still have it. :^)

Teddy Bear Hat in gender neutral cream of thick and soft 100% acrylic yarn.
$12 - $15 depending on size
(this one is toddler size, age 1 to about 3)

Newborn hats in blue and pink, coordinated for fraternal twins in this photo.
$10 with no embellishments
$12 - $15 with embellishments
$20 for a matching/coordinating pair

Headbands with embellishments, this one 98% Acrylic/2% Polyester
Apple Green with Orange Ranunculus Flower
$8, regardless of size (the flower is the expensive part!)
For any and all of these, ask me about different sizes and colors!!  Also, i will coordinate hats for a sibling group and we'll talk discounted rates to do multiple of similar styles.
Contact: Angie

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