Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Teach Your Kids to Clean...

I've had an A-HA! moment.  I discovered something that fascinates me, so naturally, i must inform the rest of the world!!

My kids have had to help with household chores since the age of 4, and as they age, they are required to help with more and more disgusting complicated chores.  My son has a difficult time with doing chores, and he pouts a LOT.  Since i believe he has a condition that lends itself to this behavior, i am trying new techniques for eliminating it... so far, we've improved, but we haven't abandoned the pouting altogether... yet.

Today, i stumbled upon a way to get him involved in the cleaning with more eagerness, though i am certain it is just a passing fancy that will not stay around.... 

Cleaning supplies.  Honest.

You see, over the course of the kid's life, he has not been trusted to handle anything more toxic than the vinegar bottle we generally clean with.  Those other chemical-based cleaners i have up high are the Big Guns, and we reserve those for the Adult Cleaning Specialist (aka: Mommy) around here.

This afternoon, in an attempt to make the children's primary bathroom STOP REEKING, i handed the kid the bottle of Seventh Generation Multi-Purpose Cleaner and sent him into the bathroom to "use it on anything and everything until the place isn't yellow and doesn't stink."


He is not only NOT POUTING, but he is HAPPILY CLEANING.  Gasp!

{Sigh}... too bad once he's used it a few times the novelty will have worn off and he won't care anymore.  Ah, well... for now?  Bliss!

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