Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blessed to Know Him

My Grandpa Don passed from this earth yesterday morning.  He was a lively fellow with a quirky sense of humor and a real love of life.  I got to know my Grandpa Don when i was 18 years old and moved in with my Nana and him in Jacksonville, Florida.  I learned a lot about the way God works, i discovered peace in the midst of chaos and turmoil, and i found a gentle spirit and a perseverance that i had never witnessed before.

Those days, weeks, months, that i spent with my Nana and my Grandpa were among the most stable in all my life up to that point.  It became a turning point for me, a landing zone, and a launch pad.  I became a stronger young lady for those times spent with Grandpa and Nana; i became a more understanding and accepting person; i began walking a path that led me to Christ.

Sadly, i never shared these thoughts or expressed my gratitude to my Grandpa Don... or to my Nana, for that matter.  Yesterday, i lost the chance to thank him for the change he affected in my life... but in my limited knowledge of God, i believe Grandpa knows my heart.  He is right now observing the lives he has touched, being embraced by Jesus, and beaming at the words he surely heard upon arrival at Heaven's gates: "well done, good and faithful servant."

Well done, Grandpa Don.

You'll be missed.


  1. My sympathies are with you! Praying for comfort and peace for you and all his family. Blessings!

  2. So sorry for your loss. I am continuously reminded, in this time of our life, how fleeting time can be.