Monday, August 16, 2010

God "Gets" Us

After a long weekend of hiking about in the Fall Creek Falls State Park, i have come to a stunning realization: God 'gets' me.  That may seem like something of a 'duh' moment for some of you, but i have begun to understand for the first time in my life that i am fine just the way i am.  I am quirky, anxious, compassionate to an extreme, moody at times, generous to a fault, pessimistic more than optimistic, fearful of just about everything, and overall, a strangely functional person with a variety of oddities.

However, in all of that, God 'gets' me.  He understands where i have been, knows what hands i have been dealt in life, and is aware of my hang-ups and coping skills.  He 'gets' me.

He created me SO THAT i could go through all that i have gone through and SO THAT i would come out of it all in JUST such a manner as i have.  He 'gets' me.

So, though i often struggle with the people in my life who do not understand me, i can rest in the comfortable knowledge that it doesn't matter whether they do or not.  My God, above all else, 'gets' me.

And i can look into the beautiful faces of my children, quirky and difficult though they may be, and know that God 'gets' them, too.  He understands all He has asked of them, all He continues to ask of them, and all He asks of me as their mother.  He 'gets' us all.

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