Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Full House

One thing I have learned after having my third child: when kids come over to play, we hardly feel the addition of another person! There must be some magical chaotic setting that the third child initiates that just doesn't go away, because when other children are added to the mix, the chaos factor hardly rises at all.

Yesterday, we were blessed with a playdate with a friend as well as a playdate with a cousin - at the same time! The friend is 8 and the cousin is 1, but we all had fun, and the house was good and full! We played dress-up and "house," because naturally, when two little girls get together in a house with dress-up clothes and toddlers, "house" is the required game of the day! Plus, there was a tea party!! During the upstairs tea party, the little ones stayed downstairs with me, where I gave the 2-year-old a bowl of Sponge Bob Cheezits and bid her "share" - which she did, quite happily! (I have already learned that the 1-year-old cannot yet be trusted with a bowl of snacks!)
From Family & Friends 2008

A full house is so much fun, and when they all went home, our house was still full and we still had fun, but our day was all the brighter because of the time we spent with friends and family.

Have a blessed day!

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