Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Hairs on Our Heads

Dania got her very first haircut yesterday!

Mommy was playing beauty shop with Dania and noticed how ragged some of the shorter hairs were on Dania's head. Mommy asked, "Do you want a real haircut?" Dania said, "Yeah."

Mommy trimmed a bit off the lengthy back layers, then shortened up some bangs in the front (Dania hates having her hair in her face!), and Viola! first haircut!

From Fall2008

By two years of age, the other two had already had several haircuts, but Dania's hair is just different - much like the child, herself. So it strikes me a bit odd to get excited about her first haircut when she is talking up a storm and using the potty! Oh, well, there are certainly no two alike!

Makes me think... The Bible says God knows the number of hairs on our heads...Does He also keep track of when they get a trim? (and was He more aware of my daughter's hair condition than even I was?) Does He know how many times that number changes, like when you have a baby and all your hair falls out? Oh, to be considered so special that even the hairs on our heads have importance!

May God show you today all the ways He cares about you.
We are Loved. And that is enough. In fact, it... is... everything.


  1. I thank God He is EVERYTHING and that He KNOWS ALL about us and loves every bit of our condition-good or bad!!!

  2. Dania is toooo cute!