Thursday, November 6, 2008

Politics in America

Yep, I'm goin' there. Buckle your seatbelts, folks, here we go....

Americans in general seem to be remarkably undereducated about the structure and function of our government. The United States President is an individual who is in the forefront of our minds, so he makes a convenient scapegoat for all of our problems and gets credit for the good times. I am here to tell each of you that there are three branches of government in our great country: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Each branch has equal weight in the running of the country, but each has a different role. Allow me to inform you:

The Executive Branch of the government consists of the President and Vice President, as well as other executive departments and independent agencies. This branch of the Federal Government is responsible for enforcing the laws of our nation. Did you catch that?? They ENFORCE the laws.

Okay, the Legislative Branch, also called Congress, consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. This branch of the Federal Government is responsible for making the laws that will govern our nation. Did you catch that one?? They MAKE the laws. You getting this??

The Judicial Branch consists of the Supreme Court, the Courts of Customs and Claims, the Circuit Court of Appeals, and the District Courts. This branch of the Federal Government is responsible for interpreting the laws and ensuring that the people's rights are protected. Most people don't seem to care enough about the judges in this country, but they have a very critical role: protecting the rights of the people and interpreting the laws. We don't give this enough weight in our political agendas.

Okay, so now that I have given you a basic third grade education on the structure of our Federal Government, let me say this: The people in positions of power today do not have an immediate impact on our lives. It often takes years to feel the impact of the decisions made by the Executive and Legislative Branches of government. For example, the economic crisis we are in right now was caused by decisions made in 1999. Was George W. Bush the President in 1999?? Nope. Were all the same people in charge in the Congress in 1999?? Nope. So why are you blaming the PRESIDENT????!!!

In addition, the President is NOT responsible for making laws you don't like. The President is NOT responsible for the banking decisions that crashed our economy. The President can ask Congress to do certain things, but the Legislative Branch is responsible for their own actions. They CAN AND DO REFUSE!!

Do I sound angry? You bet I'm angry. Millions of people elected a man for our future president BECAUSE HE'S BLACK!! Millions more people voted Democrat because they blame President Bush for the economy!! People who have no basic understanding of how the government works are making decisions for our country and it TICKS ME OFF!!!

Whether Obama makes a great or awful President will not change my opinions on this, either, so those of you who might be getting ticked at me because you think I am just angry because "my" candidate didn't win, you couldn't be more wrong. People are admitting to your face and on national television that they voted for Obama because he is BLACK. I thought we were supposed to be color-blind! Oh, that's right, only white people have to be color-blind. Black people can further their racial agenda as much as they want. We white people just have to tolerate it. How would the black people in this nation take it if white people all around them got on national television and said, "I voted for him because he is white" or said directly to their faces, "yup, I voted for him because he's white?" They'd SUE US!!! Why are we letting black people be prejudiced at the same time that they sue white people for being prejudiced?????!!!!!!

I worked for the State of Tennessee once upon a time, in an environment that was predominately black. I was treated like a second-class citizen by the black women, and I was discriminated against. I was urged by my superiors (white people) not to sue the institution when it decided not to pay me. I took their advice, but sometimes I regret it. We need to stop all forms of bias. Not just from whites, but from ALL Americans. This is ridiculous.

Folks, learn your facts about how the government works. And stop tolerating reverse discrimination. This country is getting out of hand, and we don't know enough about how it operates as a people to keep it from destroying itself. I believe that we all have a right to our own opinions, and while I may not agree with everyone on who is the best choice for government office, I at least want to see people making their decisions based on something honest and not something superficial (especially not based on ignorance).

That's my rant for today. If you are offended, then you are part of the problem.

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