Monday, November 24, 2008

The Rain Washes Away...

...the remnants of Autumn...
...a layer of dust that had settled upon the earth...
...and my energy.

There is nothing quite like a cloudy, rainy day; but it takes its toll on my perkiness. My eyes want to drift close, my mouth is in constant YAWN, and my brain feels sluggish. Oh, to have nothing to do on a day of rain! Too bad it didn't work out like that for me....

The laundry needs doing, the children need teaching, the dishes need washing and putting away.
The toddler needs watching, the floors need a sweeping, and I'd rather watch movies all day!
The rain is the cold kind, the drizzle-all-day kind, and that kind of rain is just so draining.
I wish I could spend the whole day in pajamas, but then I'd have to do some 'splaining!

Hope your day is filled with all the energy mine is lacking!

1 comment:

  1. I feel the same exact way about today.

    I am doing my best to live vicariously through the energy of the happy, healthy and oh-so-loved children occupying my oh-so-cozy-blessed home today!