Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beautiful, Crazy Day!

Today, the kids and I packed up our enhanced water bottles and our coins from candy sales and headed down the street - literally. We walked down the street to the local bank and supermarket (between 1 and 2 miles away, I would estimate); we traded our $36 in coins in for dollars and we picked up our lemons from the supermarket. We decided to eat while we were there, so we purchased a few sandwiches, some fruit from the fresh salad bars, and some Cheetos (yeah, you knew we couldn't be that healthy, right?) and sat in the dining area of our new grocery store (next to the Starbuck's counter, by the way - and no, I didn't indulge!).

So, we got home, felt wonderfully tired, let the dog out to run and pee, and basically hung out in the yard. When we were ready to come inside, Oliver thought he would make a game of it. Yup, he ran away from me. Naturally, the neighbors were enjoying the patio and witnessed the entire thing (I even saw them watching me and heard them talking about my dog running from me!). The other neighbors came out and saw what was going on, and they stepped in to help. Both thought it was funny, but I can tell you, I was not amused. This dog gets the run of the yard even though he doesn't deserve it. So, he is back on leash law. He is going to have to earn the freedom to run around free in the yard. I have had enough.

You know, I can always tell when we are doing something my husband's way... it always means more work for me. And whenever I have had enough and change the rules, everything works much more smoothly. So, it is out with the old, and in with the new! Look out, Oliver, there's a new sheriff in town!

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