Thursday, March 12, 2009

Missing My blog...

Okay, it seems like forever since I wrote on here, and I really have nothing to say and too much to say all at once! There is so much that God is showing me lately, and there is so little time to do more than just soak it up and take one step at a time.

The kids are great! We survived a few days of babysitting while my sister-in-law was in Hawaii. Yeah, that's a rub, right? :-)

We enjoyed a teaser of Spring, which prompted us to begin some seedlings...
(can you say "germination?" what a wonderful teaching opportunity it was!) we planted 2 different kinds of tomatoes, basil, early peas, and some flowers. Most of our seedling pots are on the kitchen table, but in a month or so, we will have some work to do to transplant it all outside! Yay!

We learned today that Quin is actually halfway through first grade on his reading and math. That is a really nice surprise to a laid-back homeschooling mom! Calysta is trucking along in all her subjects beautifully. And Dania is doing her absolute best writing whenever we do schoolwork! We are concentrating right now on nourishing and strengthening our bodies.

I am also in the process of making plans with a friend to start a homeschooling co-op here in Spring Hill. All of the ones we have heard about are either 15+ miles away or are somewhat pricey when you have more than one child to enroll, so I have been thinking and praying about just starting my own. We'll see where that leads....

I have also been working through a wonderful devotion that is just changing my life. Go GOD!! And thank you, Shelly, for sharing it with me!

Okay, so all my political interests aside, that is the sum total of the blogs I could have written.... Much less interesting this way, and less flowery, I'm sure, but there you have it. A tired mind that just wants to update her little circle of the world on her life.

Hope your life has been full of blessings and joy.

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