Thursday, March 19, 2009


Wow! I just read a WeE-book (a short, electronic book available for immediate download) from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine called The "Me Time Myth and Boy! was it just what the doctor (The Great Physician, that is) ordered!

I have been hosting a Really Big Pity Party around my house lately, and I have been as misguided as a little girl wandering into a Men's Restroom because she hasn't been told to look for the dress! (The only problem is, I probably have been told to look for the dress!) I have been dissatisfied with my life - every aspect of it! The house is never tidy, but I don't like to clean. The kids grumble about their schoolwork, and I get tired of rallying them. The dog is biting everybody, yet I don't feel like 'shadowing' him again today. The dishes are never done, the family needs to eat again (...whole grains, lean protein, vegetable, fruit...), the laundry is piling up (whites, darks, pastels, linens...) .... You get my drift here, right? Same thing happening at your house?

Amy Roberts hits the nail on the head with her assessment of my problem (and probably not mine alone) in The "Me Time Myth (how does she know me so well??!). She begins this WeE-book with a transparent description of her own personal struggle for balance in our alarmingly selfish society. She explains my own life, mind, heart, and desires so clearly that it is almost as if I wrote the words!! She also delineates the disquiet, confusion, and blunders that have occured in my home with my own persuance of "me time."

"Me Time" is a myth, ladies, and it is one that we promote ourselves, while it traps us in its endlessly unsatisfied grip. The problem with "me time" is that it stems from selfishness, and we all know that selfishness has no place in motherhood. No one in her right mind would choose to clean up vomit at 2 o'clock in the morning! No one in her right mind would choose to scrape dried oatmeal that could plaster ceilings off of tiny baby bowls instead of napping with baby. And certainly, no one in her right mind would choose to pour her heart and soul into a child who screams "I hate you!" for thanks. Motherhood is tough work. But it is just that: work. It is a full-time, day-and-night, no-time-off-for-good-behavior job. It is a job God gave us with the expectation that we would lean on Him for our strength and stamina. It was never God's intention for us to lean on ourselves, so tell me this: how exactly does that "me time" benefit you? For that matter, how does it benefit anyone in your house? It doesn't... it just makes us greedy for more.

If you still aren't convinced, check out her WeE-book for yourself ( The "Me Time" Myth ) It is a quick download and a super easy read, and you will never look at your "me time" the same again!

So, the next time I ask you over for coffee, don't assume that the children will be absent. Let's visit and be mommies at the same time!

Be Blessed!


  1. I have had the same thoughts about starting a co-op here because it seems crazy that we don't have one and I am realizing I need some homeschooling mom friends as most of my friends think I'm crazy! But my husband said, "Why do you have to be in charge of everything?" and I was scared of having one more thing to manage when I already feel like I am sinking at times! All that said, I'd love to help start one! Please let me know if there is anything I can do!

  2. Oh, I am so excited! We now have interest from at least 3 moms, and we have potential with some other contacts! It sounds like we are all afraid of the same things: leading and being in charge of the co-op. So, I think we should establish a committee of sorts where we have a few of us "in charge" of the start-up and see where it goes! God is so amazing to provide us all with these contacts and the desire for the same things at the same time!!!