Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Homeschooling Blog

Okay, since I have two basic interests (homeschooling and life), I have decided to separate them! I am starting a homeschooling blog that is dedicated to my homeschooling topics and our adventures in education! You are still free to read both blogs, but this way, I will not feel like I am jumping all over the place when I rant about politics one day and praise my kindergartener for his reading skills the next!! Plus, I will be able to better network with homeschoolers and discuss curriculum choices and the like if I don't have to put them through the family and opinion stuff first. We'll see how I do writing two blogs, I suppose!

My Homeschooling blog will be at:

The weather is beautiful outside and we are worn out from yard work, but we are so happy to say a big "Hello!" to Spring!! Dania is anxiously awaiting my presence, so this is a short entry just to let you all know about the blog addition! Have a great week!!


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