Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Yes, Monday was a day of renewal, a refreshing of my spirit, and a reawakening of the hard worker that lurks in this lazy body. We cleaned up a LOT, did a BUNCH of laundry, made some time for friends, and prepared a family meal - as a family. i reorganized my thoughts about the house, our collective "stuff," and realigned my priorities to be more in line with God's priorities. Monday was a good day.

And today is Tuesday. God has a sense of humor. Tuesday, it appears, is going to be a bit more challenging. While i lay in wait all day Monday for my monthly female companion (ahem), it seems God had a different plan. Tuesday is clearly the day my monthly female companion (ahem) will arrive. Tuesday is full of cramping, headaches, and lethargy. Yes, God has a sense of humor... or something.

So, today, i will put away my long list of things to accomplish and i will do what i can - and with 3 children, the final week of homeschooling, 2 dogs, housekeeping and bills, i would say that i will aim for the basics. We'll see about the rest.

i hope all of you are having a better day today than it looks like i will have. Yet i have been given a today, so how bad can it be?

Be Blessed!

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