Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Little Kink in the Chain

So, apparently, Cocoa is a bit of a dominatrix. She decided from Day 1 that she would be the boss over everyone, and the more we knock her down the hierarchy of power, the more she asserts herself over Oliver. Poor little dude has just about been humped to death! He has taken to sneaking inside to hide between the couches so she can't dominate him in front of the neighbors. And yesterday, he started giving her back some of what she has been dishing out, and she isn't real keen on the concept. Since Oliver is still a puppy, he gets stronger and bossier everyday. Cocoa is getting a taste of her own medicine today, and she has shown heavy resistance to being the submissive one many times!

Since i can't quite explain what they are doing to my naive children, i keep separating them and telling them to "knock it off!" That really doesn't appear to be working, though, and it is a bit disconcerting to watch a female dog teach a male dog how to mount....

Ah, well, when you invite nature into your home with a family pet, you have to be prepared for the less-desirable aspects of God's creatures to make themselves at home as well. It is all a lesson to be learned, after all.

We may need to get Cocoa and Oliver matching stud collars. {smirk}

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  1. That is exactly what takes place in my backyard daily, and when the dogs are not available to each other, a soft patio pillow works just the same for my pup. Tooo too funny!!!