Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, Monday....

(now that you are all humming)
i am starting a new week, a new day, a new life.... Everyday the Lord allows me to wake up, i am given an opportunity, and that opportunity presents me with a choice: to do what is easy, or to do what is right, good, and appropriate. Most days, if i am honest, i choose a little of both, vacillating back and forth between what feels good and what i know is right. This day, today, i want to do better. i want to hear God's voice (and obey Him), follow God's lead (not my own agenda), appreciate Jesus' sacrifice (no job is too hard/small/meaningless), love others the way Jesus did (putting them before myself), and be invisible (so that when people look at me, they see Jesus).

As i offer myself, my family, my hands, my day to my God, i am set free... free to worship, free to live, free to be a friend of God, free from sin, free from an unyielding burden, free from the world's influence, free. And free is a good place to be. Won't you join me?

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