Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Strawberry Picking - in the mud!

The rain broke, the strawberry picking field opened, and we had ourselves an impromptu field trip. Literally. We took a trip over to the local strawberry field where you can pick your own strawberries, and we battled mud, mold, and bugs to get our share of the plump, delicious, red berries.

We ended up with 6 pounds for our house alone (not including the three other households that were represented). Dania and Donald did their darnedest to consume as many as we picked, but we managed to outdo them. Sticky fingers and pink chins were their battle scars, while we walked away with crusty stuff (i refuse to consider what the stuff could be) under our fingernails.

After washing them all, decapitating half of them, and flash freezing 1/5 of them, i forsee a lot of strawberries in our future! Jam, anyone?


  1. I am always in the mood for some homemade jam:) Sounded like a lot of FUN!!!

  2. yeah! jam! that's what i need to do with it!!
    thanks, betty! :-)