Monday, November 30, 2009

"F" is for "FARMING"

"A" is for the ANIMALS we got to see and feed.

"B" is for the BEAUTY we enjoyed at Fresh Earth Farm.
"C" is for the CREEK the Small Man-like Being couldn't resist jumping.
"D" is for the DUCK that waddled all around us.

"E" is for the EGGS we collected while we were there!
"F" is for the FEATHERS we admired in the chicken coop.
"G" is for the GOAT that tried to gore me with his horn!
"H" is for the HENS that were eager to eat.

"I" is for the kids' ICKY reaction to getting chicken poop on their hands!
"J" is for JESUS, who took Marble, the sick goat, home for Thanksgiving.
"K" is for the KID (who was bigger than his mama).

"L" is for the LOCKS that were expertly rigged all over the place!
"M" is for MAMA, who was the sweetest little goat.

"N" is for NOT wanting to leave.
"O" is for OVERCOMING a fear of chickens!
"P" is for POOP, which we scraped off roosting posts.
"Q" is for QUIN, who decided to catch a chicken!

"R" is for ROOSTER, who put up quite a fuss - vocally, thank You, Jesus!
"S" is for SURRENDER, when Quin thought he was giving up.

"T" is for TEAMWORK, which made the job more fun!
"U" is for UGH! when the children found a deer limb.
"V" is for the VARELAS, who got to play farmer for a day.
"W" is for WATER we checked and filled as needed.
"X" is for the X-RAY vision the animals had that we were there to feed them.
"Y" is for YIKES! which was heard by all the hens when the Small Man-Like Being finally caught one!

"Z" is for ZIPPING through the open spaces!

FaRmInG iS fUn!!

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