Thursday, November 5, 2009

Therapeutic Thursday - With a Twist!

Today, i am focusing on being "other-centered" rather than self-centered. Though i have not spent most of my life in a self-centered state, i have to admit these last few weeks have been quite full of unpacking myself - the bits and pieces of the child i was, the memories of events that shaped who i have become, and the issues and struggles of today and how they come from all those past events and memories. I am happy to report that this week, i have so much more peace.

I feel as if the pain is finally coming to the surface so it can leave, which is the whole point, according to my therapist!

I have not only attempted to get on a schedule, i am kicking schedule butt! I have not only endeavored to get caught up in our school work, we are tearing school work up! I have not only tried to make a molehill out of the mountain of laundry, i have eliminated the problem altogether! {although, with laundry, that is always a temporary state!}

Anyway, this week, the kids and i have adopted a missionary family in New Zealand.
We are praying for and writing to the Bennetts, a young couple following God over land, over sea, wherever He leads! We are so humbled to know them, to pray for them, to learn about them. God is so good to bring us this opportunity at this point in my healing. Please join us as we pray for them.

Yesterday, the eldest child gave almost half of her remaining birthday money to me for the Nashville Rescue Mission Thanksgiving Meal. I was humbled... and honored to be her mother.

I had the opportunity to participate in a conversation with God and a friend of mine regarding love, true love,
Godly, Jesus-like love, unconditional love. I was granted the most amazing words of wisdom, and i am humbled and honored to have been part of that.

You seeing a pattern here? Yeah, me, too. God is bigger and greater and more amazing than i can even hope for, and He loves me in a way i cannot begin to imagine or understand. And that, my brothers and sisters in Christ, is quite enough on any day.

I will now leave you with a chuckle. The littlest peanut decided not to wait for me to put on her favorite show, so she put it on "
all by her-soss." (note: the shows are recorded in a program on the computer that is hooked up to display on the television, and proper menu surfing with the mouse is required)

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