Monday, November 16, 2009

God's Garage Sale

We Christians hear a lot these days about our purpose here on earth. We talk quite a bit about God's plan for our lives. We ask questions, read books, seek wise counsel, participate in Bible studies, and pray... all to determine some grand scheme that will give us a sense of belonging.

November has been an amazing month for me already... i have seen God move, i have heard God's voice, i have been a part of God's communication network, and i have helped God with His kingdom.... and now, i have to share a very memorable event with my readers in the blog-o-sphere.

Last weekend, God instructed me to have a garage sale, and He meant next week. [uh, really?] I planned the sale, packed up some stuff, involved a few others, and picked up some change... all in five days. God also told me i was to sell concessions to raise money for our adopted missionary family in New Zealand. I baked, bagged, and tagged muffins and brownies, made up some signs, and picked up some drinks from the grocery store.

Well, the day before the yard sale, we were priced, organized, and ready to roll - it was unlike any sale i have ever done... 'cuz it was God's garage sale. That night, lying in bed, i was second-guessing my efforts to raise money for the family in NZ... really, how much money could i raise with muffins?? $15?? $20?? God spoke into my spirit: "watch what I can do with $20"

The next morning, God woke me early. The garage sale was up and running almost an hour earlier than planned because it was God's garage sale, and He was in charge... i was just His puppet. At the end of a fairly successful sale, we looked at the money we had made in concessions. My sister-in-law said, "Looks like $14 plus a bunch of change." It came crashing back to me: "watch what I can do with $20" Excitedly, i described what God had spoken to me the night before. In anticipation, we counted out the coins.... Yes, we made $20 - almost exactly (it was something like $20.14).

We stood in awe.
What had we just witnessed?
What had we been a part of??

God's garage sale was a success - and in following His lead, we rid ourselves of unnecessary stuff, made a few extra bucks, and helped a missionary family in New Zealand. More importantly, though, we were part of God's amazing plan... is it a plan for my life? Is it a plan for my children's lives? Is it a plan for the Bennett family in NZ? I may never know... but what i do know is that i got to experience it.

When people ask me why i believe in God, this is the kind of stuff i tell them about.
How can i not believe in what i experience with all of my being?
We know the wind is there because we feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, experience it.
I know my God is there because i experience Him... in ways i cannot even explain.

Be blessed.

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