Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cans, Boxes, and Packs

Okay, Middle Tennessee, you are being given a mission:

Let's FILL Grace Chapel's Food Pantry this weekend!

This week, the kiddos and i are collecting non-perishable food items with the knowledge that God will meet the needs of the poor through our efforts.

Things to consider: Jesus met people's basic needs for food, water, healing, love, and compassion; Jesus offered both actions of love and words of salvation; the pairing of deeds and truths is the ultimate demonstration of the pure, redeeming love of Christ.

Won't you join me?

A can of peas.
A bag of rice.
A box of pasta.
A jar of sauce.
A little can mean a lot. In the right hands.
Grace Chapel's Food Pantry is filling those hands daily.

email me for more information:

God Bless You, whether you can give or not.

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