Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Winter Days

Christmas Eve.
Before the kids.
Gifts under the tree.
Stockings hung neatly.
The floor is still tidy.
Ah, Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning.

The children are awake.

The gifts have been opened.

The stockings have been gutted.

Ah, Christmas morning.

Yes, she's shaving her face.
She's homeschooled. What can i say?
We let her explore without confusing her with gender issues. :->

Dania got a Baby Alive for Christmas.
It pees and poops.
Thanks, MidaGohn and MisGetta!
Here she is feeding it a bottle.
On the potty.
Because who wants to change those yucky diapers?

And here she is reading to her baby while her baby learns to use the potty.
What a good Mommy!

The above is a typical winter day in South Central Tennessee.

This one is our freak snowstorm this week.
Yes, that's grass. But that's about as much as see here.
Now, ice.... that's another story altogether.

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