Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Blahs

So, it is Wednesday.  I am halfway through the week, still have so much to do, and i am running out of steam!  On top of the Wednesday Blahs, I decided to give into my craving for Doritos and i am REGRETTING IT. {ergh}

Among the other great choices i made today:

~ washed and dried 2 loads of laundry (you're thinking "Way to go!" but actually, that just means i have to put all those stupid clean clothes away... sigh)
~ asked my son to complete a competency exam in math (uh-huh, should've been a good thing, but Alas! He couldn't be bothered to take it seriously, so we'll keep plugging 1st grade math... sigh)
~ attempted to add a sidebar item to my blog with copied html code, which resulted in complete abandonment of the idea... at least for today.... sigh
~ investigated the situation when a neighbor took it upon herself to yell at my child... which just made us both feel bad because we were both being overly dramatic cautious... sigh

Plus, my dog regurgitated his breakfast and has been vomiting ever since, and keeps barking at what i can only presume are ghosts shadows since no one else sees anything.  AND i drank decaf for my afternoon coffee instead of caff and i am drooping....

Can i go back to bed?

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