Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free?? Really??

I have somehow missed out on the Homeschool Freebie of the Day party happening here. Not sure how it happened, but since i discovered it a day after i could have gotten something we would have enjoyed, i thought i would share that information with YOU. Now we can ALL take part and not miss any more goodies!

Also, there is a site for a local daily coupon or deal and i get credits for referring people, but it doesn't cost anything unless you actually purchase a coupon or deal. Confused?? Don't be! Just go here and use your email address to sign up (no spam!), then you will get emails daily about local deals or coupons available. (unfortunately for my out of state readers, you will have a different shopping area, so your coupons will be different from mine, but still!!)

These days, you just never know where you will find something to bless your day, and finding something FREE generally appeals to people. We're funny that way.

It won't get up to freezing around here for a few days, so i am buckling in to enjoy several slippers-and-robe days in a row. Have a FABULOUS night, and stay warm!

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