Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wow. Wednesday.

Today could've been a Monday.  Again.
Clearly, i have not been experiencing enough Mondays in my life.

However, i have it on good authority that it is Wednesday.
Praise. The. Lord.

Today, The Littlest Princess had more cavities filled (yep, Mother of the Year, right here) and a space maintainer put on her teeth.  Fun times.  The poor thing talks with a bit of a lisp now.  Her advanced speech is blown, and she has to wear this thing until the adult teeth come in... By the way, they're molars (yep, still got the MotY Crown on).

The best thing that happened today was that my eldest child and i spent some quality time together (thank You, God!): we went for a walk and watched the lightning show (what a sight!); we went to the store and shopped (and got some great deals on meat!); and we talked.  About nothing, really.  But.  We talked.

All in all, despite a rocky start, it was A Good Day.

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