Monday, April 11, 2011

Finding the Balance

It would be so easy to set up a 'school' at home and follow a schedule so that all educational pursuits would be completed before we play... except it isn't.

It would be so simple to have a room in which everything 'home school' lived and all our home schooling took place in that room and it would be organized and schooling-friendly... except it didn't work.

It would be totally marvelous to have all my children reading everyday and learning so much from books that they develop into lifelong learners and passionate readers... except they don't learn best that way.

Like most things in life, when i peer over the fence into someone else's life, i find myself longing for pieces that work for them to work so wonderfully for me. But it isn't that simple.

When i keep a perfect school schedule, my house is a wreck, the laundry piles up, and dinner is a combination of convenience and junk.

When i keep a tidy house, the schooling gets behind and the kids get ignored.

So, when i strive for balance, it looks a little more like this: a bit of school, followed by a bit of housework and play, followed by some routine time together and meals, followed by a bit of school and time with friends, then a home-cooked meal with the family and time outside before reading and bedtime.

Is it the perfect way? No, of course not. There is lots that can be tweaked. But is it the way that is working RIGHT NOW to give us some balance? Yup. And right now? Balance is more important than academics OR organization!

Find YOUR Just-Right-For-Right-Now Balance.

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