Monday, April 4, 2011

Saving and Serving! Woohoo!

Yesterday after church, my son (who is not what you'd call 'enthusiastic' about church) informed me that he needed to bring in some shoes to donate to the kids in Japan. He said he wanted to bring the most shoes so he could win the movie tickets the church is raffling off for the kids who participate in the shoe drive. 

I immediately thought of my favorite Super Shoe Savings tip: Rack Room Shoes' CLEARANCE aisle!! They typically have shoes back there for $3-$5 a pair, and i knew i could "RACK" up (pun intended). PLUS, i had a coupon for 20% OFF a $60 purchase, so i decided i needed to get $60 worth of shoes before we even went. 

Tonight, i ran through there with the eldest after meeting Daddy for dinner, and we set out to "RACK" up! OH!! THE FUN!! We had the cashier AND the manager caught up in our enthusiasm by the time we got to $60! (by the way, the Clearance Aisle items are good for the BOGO 50% Sale, peeps!!)

Altogether, we purchased 20 pairs of shoes, never paid more than $4 for a pair (and only one was that high) and got one pair for $0.80 - we got clearance shoes + BOGO 50% OFF + 20% off each pair and we spent $50 WITH TAX.

I couldn't wait to share my sale-stackin' coupon-clippin' shoe-shoppin' EXTRAVAGANZA with my readers. THAT, folks, is Saving WHILE Serving. GOD is GOOD.

[Thank You, Jesus, for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful experience. You could have done this without me, but to share it with me and let me share it with my daughter is a priceless experience, and not likely one we'll forget. Praise and Glory to God!]

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