Thursday, June 25, 2009


In the moment that i realize how much God loves me, i am humbled.
When i esteem myself, i become proud.
So, i surrender my pride and take up my humility.
My humility brings me closer to my own imperfections.
My imperfections accuse me, shining a spotlight on my sin.
My sin shows me how desperately i need God.
In the instant that i acknowledge how much i mean to Him, i am again humbled.
In my humility, i feel unworthy of the love and forgiveness of Almighty God.
In the hopes that i can present myself as worthy, i become proud.
My pride drives me to prove that i deserve Jesus.
When i am beaten down again by my failed attempts to earn what has already been freely given, i am deeply humbled.

Do you see a familiar cycle?
"Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble..."
Smile. God loves you!
Pray. God is listening.
Sing. You know you want to!
Be Blessed.

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