Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Flurry of the Fly

Have you ever noticed that flies invite themselves into our homes before we can even say a "how d'ya do?" They mark "their" territory all over our kitchens, they pester us in our beds, and they climb down into our cups to sample our drinks. They also spend most of their time zzzz-zapping against the window panes!

Why, when they were so quick to get in out of all that sunshine, are they so determined to go back into it?

Why, if they liked it out there so much, did they zzzz-zip into our houses so quick in the first place?

And why, i would like to know, did God tell Noah to bring flies onto the boat in the first place? What purpose do they serve?

If you can tell me the purpose of the fly (a real purpose, like what do they do to contribute to the greater good of the earth), you will win a prize! Just to titillate you further (oooh, that's such a naughty-sounding word), the prize is, um, a surprise! Yeah, as in, i have no idea what it will be, but so what! It's A Prize, just the same!! Just leave your answers (and a method of contact: link to your blog, email address, whatever) in the comments section, and i will pick a winner next Thursday. Get your answers in by Wednesday, though, 'cuz, really, i am soooooo sure there will be hundreds of responses! {wink}

So, come on, Scientists, explore, discover, think, examine, and figure out the purpose of the FLY!


  1. Maggots are used to clean wounds. By medical doctors even. Flies are food for frogs. No body likes skinny frogs. People in the deep south eat frogs. No body likes skinny southerners. Thus, my very accurate conclusion is that flies are a sales tool of southern Big and Tall stores. Thanks, Lane Bryant!

  2. I think you have a winner...I just can't beat Shelly's answer!!!

  3. Greta didn't post it here, but she informed me outside yesterday that flies speed decomposition. Yuck. Seriously. It's true, but... yuck.

    So, now we have a purpose for the fly {yuck} and the maggot {gag}.

    Keep 'em comin', folks! You could still be a winner!