Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Try It Tuesday!

Okay, i have read some blogs in which the blogger does a theme on Mondays called "Not Me Monday" and i LOVE to read them! i missed it yesterday because i forgot to do it (and i was tired) so i am starting a Tuesday theme on my blog! :-) Let's see if we can get a theme for almost everyday!!

Today is Try It Tuesday!

Think of something you want to try, do it, and blog about it! (If you do not have your own blog, comment here after my Tuesday posts.)

So, today i am going to TRY to play my banjo! It sits in my closet because i never have time to play it, and i just LOVE the way it sounds!! Plus, i never mastered putting my fingers on the frets, so i will TRY to work on that!

i am also going to TRY to have all the dishes in the house clean before bed! That will be a big one! Many of you probably do that every night, but my husband doesn't participate in the evening routine around here, so after i feed the hungry creatures in my house, take everyone outside for some evening playtime, wash them all up, read them a story, and put them all to bed, i do not usually have the energy to do dishes.

i am also going to TRY not to raise my voice. All day. At anyone. Not even a dog. {pray for me}

i think i will also TRY to have 30 minutes alone with God before the evening meal. {keep praying}

Let me know what YOU are going to TRY today! And be sure and let us know how you did!

- did NOT get to play my banjo.
- DID go to bed with a clean kitchen - no dirty dishes!! Yay!
- spent less than 30 minutes alone with God :-(
- probably raised my voice at least once when the dog was running away from me and refusing to obey :-(

i didn't do so well, but i did better than if i hadn't tried to do any of it!
Try It Tuesday was at least a 30% success. At least i set my sights on something and aimed for it!
"If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time." - Zig Ziggler

1 comment:

  1. God is ALWAYS with us, so that's a big "ACCOMPLISHED" on your list.

    You had to raise your voice only because the dog had run so far way, he could no longer hear you. I vote "YES" for accomplishing that one.

    Banjo schmanjo.

    Well done.