Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lemonade, Anyone?

Hello, friend!! Come on in - glad you stopped by.
Sure is hot out! Want some lemonade? Well, i've been makin' an awful lot of lemonade lately, and i would appreciate you drinkin' some of it with me. Gettin' kinda sick of lemonade, if you must know, bein' as how i've been makin' it just about every day for awhile now....

Y'see, people always say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" Well, i took that advice, and now i am quite sick of lemonade!! i've tried adding sugar (when i can see the bright side of things) to make it easier to choke down, but honestly, i just want to have something else for awhile!

Other people get to drink other things, that's the truth! But if i spend too much time focusing on what other people get that i don't, i sure get bogged down in a pile of self-pity! That ain't much fun, i can tell ya that!!

So, anyway, friend, i know you stopped by for some socializing, and it's the truth, i'm not much fun to be around right now! Let me get my Father for you.... He sure helps me snap out of my own troubles! Did you know that He sent His Son - His ONLY Son, mind you - to die a terrible death for me? Well, and for you, too, of course! What a sacrifice! What love and devotion!

Yeah, it sure puts perspective on my troubles when i remember that, that's the truth!

Well, come on out to the porch with that lemonade, and i'll holler for Him to join us.... Oh, look! He's already there... been waitin' on us, looks like!

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  1. Hi, Angie! Your blog looks great, and I'm glad to be your First Mate on the TOS Crew this year. Have a great day!

    April E.