Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday!

i did NOT spend 3 hours making hand-held, star-shaped, cherry and blueberry pies for the children on July 4th, and i certainly did NOT hoard a couple to keep at home for myself (that would be selfish).

Today, i did NOT watch a movie during my youngest child's nap whilst the eldest child assembled meatballs in the kitchen. {Good Cinderella!}

i did NOT skip T-Ball team pictures today in order to let the napping 2-year-old sleep. (the coach did NOT then email us rescheduling them since he was unable to attend - thank you, God!)

We did NOT start our school lessons today, July 6th, in the dead middle of summer. Since we did NOT begin our Character studies by discussing "Attentiveness," it is a good thing that the children did NOT demonstrate a dire need for such education.

My 2-year-old does NOT regularly try to eat her daily lot of calories in grapes, and grapes only, which certainly does NOT give her excessive trips to the toilet. (No, my Mother Of the Year Crown is NOT in jeopardy by allowing my child to ingest so much of one food that she gets diarrhea, so you can NOT be thinking that!)

My desk is NOT currently so covered up with miscellaneous "stuff" that i only have room for my mouse.

And i am NOT going to log off my blog to read other blogs, because that cheap entertainment would certainly NOT be a responsible way to spend an hour.

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