Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I did NOT just spend 9 days in the Dark Ages (no phone, no internet) because of an Act of God (lightning strike). Not me. And the phone and internet are NOT going to be out for at least the majority of this week, too, which is NOT sending me into Technology Withdrawal.

The Littlest Lady of the house did NOT run around with no panties or shorts on today for 15 minutes or so because Mommy didn't feel like chasing her. Not my princess. And she certainly did NOT explore all the newly exposed parts until Mommy had to give in and lasso her to redress her just to keep from blushing.

Since i swore three children were my limit, i am NOT currently overrun by two additional children for the night. And it's a good thing, because we are absolutely NOT planning to babysit my just-turned-two nephew in the morning in addition to the 5 that are NOT currently in various stages of "if we're real quiet, she'll forget we're not in bed" upstairs. Not me.

My dogs' invisible fence did NOT quit working last week, which is good, because my dogs are obviously NOT smart enough to figure out how to run amok and greet random neighbors walking their dogs across the street from our house. Not our dogs. When i tied them out in the yard, they did NOT bend the metal tie out post, dig up a drain in the yard, and walk in the street. Good thing, too, because they might be homeless dogs if they did all that.

And finally, i did NOT eat so much salt this weekend in all our lovely neighborly gatherings that i surely did NOT gain 2 pounds in water weight. Whew! That's a relief.

See ya when i see ya.... enjoy the internet for me, too!
Be blessed.

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