Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Things We Pass On...

The Cutest Copycat (a.k.a. Dania) showed me something amazing today! Well, in and of itself, i don't suppose it is so amazing, but to me, it appeared to be quite special. Standing outside, she perfectly executed the "bounce and sway" with her baby doll (if you have ever had a baby with colic, or a particular baby even, you know what this looks like!).

Wow. What a moment! To see what she is picking up from her environment, to get a glimpse of what she is noticing by watching her... amazing. The things we pass on to our children!

It makes me wonder: what else is she seeing? What else does she learn from everyday normalcy around here? I imagine she learns about caregiving, that much is obvious if you spend 10 minutes with her! But is she also learning compassion, tenderness, love for Jesus and family, and patience? Does she pick up good table manners and eating habits? Will she understand commitment and compromise? Will she have courage, confidence, and a healthy sense of her place in the world?

I suppose the more aware i am of my every action or word, the more positive things i will pass on to my children.... and that is reason enough to do better.


  1. Isn't it nice sometimes and not so nice other times to see our children copy what we are doing? It is a great compliment to see our little ones trying to be like us. It's also a great responsibility! I am so glad to be a homeschooling mom!