Wednesday, May 7, 2008

End of School=Money, Money, Money!

So, it seems like every time my son goes to preschool these days, there is yet another notice asking for something - money, usually. Yesterday, I brought in what I thought was my final $5... I mean, come on, people, we have less than 2 weeks of school left! Oh, right, sure, like that was gonna happen. I get to the door to see, not one, but TWO more things I have to bring: one more notice asking for money, and one more sign-up sheet asking me to bring something for a party! AAAKK!

I do not mind that we parents help out with all this stuff so much, but to have so much of it concentrated in the last two weeks is a bit ridiculous! Really, can't someone put up a list of everything we will need to do at the beginning of the month or something?? The way we are being asked for one thing at a time may seem kinder to some, but to me, the Perpetual Forgetful Mother, I can't get caught up!! Just when I think I have everything paid in full, there is another note on the door!! Have mercy!

Now, some of you have high school or college graduates, and you are rolling your eyes at my pitiful complaints about a measly $5 here or $3 there or maraschino cherries there, and you are correct: it isn't much our preschool is asking for. I just wish they could warn us of all the ways they will need us to contribute so that I could get it all over with and move on.

Anyway, ignore the whining. I will be better in a week when summer officially begins in our house!

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