Saturday, May 10, 2008

Prepare for the Mother's Day!

So, in order to be relatively certain I would have a day of rest on my Mother's Day, I put my children to work all week. We scrubbed bathrooms, we laundered clothes, we swept and mopped, we did dishes, we organized, we threw stuff away (without looking at some of it, which just works better!), we tidied, and we laundered some more. Finally, tonight, as I look around, I can honestly say that I have done all I can do to make my Mother's Day as restful as possible... well, you know I have three children, so how restful can it be???

With the housework aside, Mother's Day will be a day to just be Mommy. Not maid. Not cook. Not laundress. Just Mommy.

Ever since I can remember, I had one major dream in life: to be a wife and mother. It seems in today's society, those roles don't always hold the esteem they should. Being a wife is the closest thing to being a saint that I have ever heard of (joking... sort of), and being a mother gives me a front-row seat in heaven for sure!

Seriously, though, there is no more important task than that of bringing new life into the world and conscientiously instilling that life with values and life skills. It is an exhausting, though rewarding, job that does not come with hazard pay or vacation/sick days. It simply is the most full-time job a person could have. And you are paid in kisses and hugs, snuggles and giggles, smiles and grins, and the love of a child. There is no greater payment.

If only motherhood came with a Mommy-double for all the not-so-fun stuff. Oh, well. If it is worth having, it is worth suffering for it!

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