Friday, May 9, 2008

Varelas and Vanderbilt

You all should really support Vanderbilt Children's Hospital... we do. We support their pediatric endocrinology department, and their pediatric gastroenterology department, and now their pediatric neurology and sleep study department.

Yes, we took Dania for her neurology appointment today. It was at 8:30 a.m. - which meant, with traffic, we had to leave at 7:15. So, of course, Dania decided not to wake up at 6 a.m. today. No, today, she slept until I woke her - at 7:10! How is that fair!?!? Well, it may not be fair, but it sure never fails!

Anyway, we saw the pediatric neurology medical student, then the neurologist and the medical student, then they rounded up the sleep study doctor, and we saw him and the medical student, then all three of the doctors saw us before they sent in a nurse with our paperwork. Whew! Almost 2 hours and 3 doctors later, we left with 2 more appointments: one for a sleep study on the 19th, and one for a follow-up to discuss the results of the sleep study in late June. (it takes awhile for them to interpret all the information they will get from the thousands - okay dozen - leads they will put on her)

In case you didn't know, my youngest daughter, the busy one, has some snoring issues. When you combine them with a decline in growth and appetite, I got worried. So, I did some research ("Google it!" is a popular phrase in our house) and found that some forms of sleep apnea have these symptoms, and babies/children sometimes have this condition and get diagnosed as "failure to thrive." Yeah, well, we aren't going to let that happen to Dania.

Then, like I did not have enough on my plate, my husband forgot to take my son's lunch with them to preschool (which meant I would have to pick him up something and bring it to him by 11:30 - and forgo my trip to the used book store that was a few blocks from the hospital). Oh, and I also got my legendary monthly debilitating cramps (my poor daughters! I hope they do not inherit that nasty gene!) while I was out running around. Thank God and Advil LiquiGels, I got them under control by the time I had to pick my son up from preschool.

Hope your day was better than mine! Bring on the coffee!

I absolutely refuse to do laundry today. And hubby is grilling hot dogs for dinner. I earned it.
Tomorrow is a whole different barrel of issues. See ya then!

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