Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Day Started All Wrong....

This morning, not only was I up before 7 am again, but I actually waited until my husband was done with his run and his shower to start the coffee. Then the unthinkable happened: my coffee pot broke. AAAAAAKKK! Noooooooo! The pot is sputtering and hissing, and I look over at it in confusion (I have already been awake for 1 1/2 hours at this point, so the fact that I even heard it and noticed something amiss is a miracle!). The coffee seems to be bubbling up under the decanter on the hot plate. Hmmm. I took the pot by the handle and lifted it off the burner, and proceeded to wipe up some of the spill and ascertain the origin of the mess. At this point, I realize that the coffee is still dripping off the decanter, but I have wiped it clean. Not good. Aha! There is a crack! A crack! In the decanter! WHAT?!?! I spin around crazily for half a second contemplating how to proceed as I watch in a panic as my life-giving force is draining out of the pot and onto the counter. Oh! I grab a couple of cups and begin salvaging the coffee that's left in the cursed decanter before it can all drip out (because, of course, the crack is at the bottom). Then I rig the cups under the drain on the pot to get the rest of the blessed brew out of the machine before I turn the thing off to stop all that hissing and spitting. Add some creamer, sit down, and Whew! Crisis barely averted!

Thanks to a neighbor, and lifesaver, we have a borrowed pot while we search for the receipt of our new coffee maker that should be replaced by the manufacturers, thank you very much! My children were dangerously close to seeing what happens when Mommy doesn't get to satisfy her one guilty pleasure. It wouldn't have been pretty.

May you all have a crisis-free weekend.

{Angie's Note: of course, this is written mostly in jest. I realize people have real problems.}

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