Friday, May 2, 2008

Field Trip to the Nashville Zoo!

Did anyone watch the weather for Middle Tennessee today? No? Well, let me tell you about our field trip to the zoo!

We arrived to discover that almost every other school group of pre-kindergarten through second grade children decided to go to the zoo today! Our first view of the zoo was of the PACKED parking lot, to the side of which we saw two things: more than a dozen big, yellow school buses; and so many groups of children gathering before the entrance that the entryway was concealed from view!

After delving into the fray, we parked our minivan and headed up to find our group. (Let me interject here that my children and I had created matching shirts to help us stay together and identify each other should we become lost. This was more wise than even we knew when we decided to make them! Luckily, no other school group had quite our shade of sunshine yellow, so we were good to go!!)

Okay, into the zoo we go! The kids are excited! The animals are awesome! And, the rain is beginning. Yay. According to the weather forecast, we were supposed to have scattered showers beginning around noon. We were all hopeful that since we were going to the zoo at 9am, we would be ready to leave when the rain moved in. Oh, the optimism! Well, it didn't hold off. We started getting rain within a few minutes of arriving, but very lightly at first.

We bravely trudged on, taking a break inside the indoor Creatures of the Americas attraction when the rain picked up. All was calmer when we emerged, so we set off in search of new animals and habitats!

Somewhere along the way, the rain began to get heavier, and someone got a phone call advising that bad storms were headed our way fast! Several people decided to head home, but we determinedly stuck with the class - we will get our money's worth! Well, we did see much more of the zoo, but when the thunder got louder and we started to actually see the lightening, we headed for the gate. At this point, however, it was basically too late. Can you say "downpour?"

Yeah, so we had puddles in the stroller, my toddler was completely soaked with her hair plastered to her head, my fabulous matching shirt creations had ink runs, and we still didn't get to see the elephants or giraffes!

Grr! This is one field trip Quin will not soon forget.
Signing off,


  1. De Anna & MaddieMay 2, 2008 at 2:20 PM

    We went to the zoo last Saturday! Although we didn't encounter any rain, we missed the elephants and the giraffes too! Bummer . . .

  2. I want to go to the zoo soon. You come too. Let's watch the weather first!

  3. Its been five days since your last blog... come on, you have to keep your readers informed of life in the minivan!!! Miss ya~~