Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What Will You Leave Behind?

Have you ever given much thought to what you would leave behind if you died today? I am thinking about that as I spend my day sorting through another person's belongings: what to keep for her children, what to keep for a family member, what can I use, what can be sold, what is trash?

It is amazing the things people value above others, and we all value slightly different things. And the things you leave behind tell a story to those sorting through it all.

A carefully wrapped vase indicates a sentiment for the item or the occasion that brought it into possession. A carelessly discarded book cries out its insignificance. The painstakingly wrapped and packed box of framed photographs tells of a love for the lives they captured. A sink full of dirty dishes speaks of someone who values things outside of a clean kitchen. And a child's faded bicycle tells of a toy that was either well-used or ill-tended.

What would your story be? Mine would shout from the moment you enter: Warning! Housework not loved here! But I hope it would also speak of my love for my family, my dedication to my children, and the happiness we all shared inside these walls together.

Do you ever wonder about what you would leave behind? We seem to always be counting on tomorrow, when in fact, tomorrow is not a guarantee. May God grant us all the wisdom to use today in a meaningful way; to chase our dreams and live out our values for the world to see.



  1. You used "musings", which is in my blog title. So, if you ever happened to see my blog, you might think copyright infringement! If I didn't know any better I'd say I wrote your blog. Edit a few details, and you have my life! Except the dining room table is my kitchen cupboards, my kitchen counters, the top of my entertainment center, my closet and the computer desk you so generously gave us. Yeah, it's Andrea E.
    My blog isn't as perky and only two posts long as of now though, and it will have ramblings and existential issues that probably don't all make sense as I go along. It all depends on the mood I'm in. Am I brooding today? Or overwhelmed? Or excited? Or all of the above?
    I enjoyed your posts, and will have to read more later, when I get "time", as if there ever is enough. One has to steal from one area to feed another. Life's great shuffle.

  2. Today (Dammit!) I'm leaving behind a clean house!!! Just once. That's all I want. One night where my laundry isn't reproducing exponentially on my bedroom floor. Aha!! Light bulb moment. Laundry prophylactic! Saran wrap all dirty little articles before bed! Ha! Probably faster to just do laundry. Oh... something shiny...