Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hello-o-o-o! Anybody Home??

My mortgage holder is about to make me nuts! These people, who own our loan, who are as intimate with the terms of the loan as we, the borrowers, are, keep contacting us to refinance. Yeah, you're thinking, "so what?" I'll tell you so what! They write us letters telling us how much we can save on our monthly payments if we'll just pay $2000 closing costs and, oh, increase our interest rate. THEN, they call me... they tell me they have a great offer for me on a refinance interest rate that is gonna save me lots of money. Yeah, okay, tell me about it. She puts on someone who can help me (so the person who called me can't actually tell me about the great deal she called to offer me?? that was my first clue), and this guy gets on and asks me if we have any plans for a refinance. Umm, so I tell the guy, "gee, we're always willing to see what the new rates are to see if we can save some money." So he ASKS ME WHAT MY CURRENT RATE IS! When I tell him, he pauses and then says, "well, we can't really beat that right now. Can I help you with something else?" Like these people didn't just CALL ME to offer me some GREAT DEAL that isn't better than my CURRENT RATE which they should ALREADY KNOW!!! ARRGGGH! Does anybody out there have a brain?!!?!

And if that isn't bad enough, my bank offered me a free savings account that I signed up for, after which point, they began charging me monthly maintenance fees. When I called to inform them that that wasn't going to fly, they informed me that I was not authorized to make any inquiries or changes on the account because it was set up in my husband's name. Umm, my name is on the account, they take money off of our joint account and my debit card, but I cannot make changes or inquiries?!?! I can set up a new account, add something, give them more of my money, but I cannot ask about my money or take my money away. Point me to the nearest shotgun, I have some doofuses to put out of my misery!

Oh, and we had the sleep study Monday night. It went well and not well at the same time. What was great was that Dania had all of her issues for them to see: she snored, she was restless frequently during the night, she talked in her sleep, and she woke up and wanted to nurse twice. What was not so great was that the wires and electrodes on her actually made her a little more likely to awaken during each restless period, so needless to say, Mommy got almost no sleep. Then, they woke us up at 5:20am to take all the stuff off (like, people, we are here because we aren't getting enough sleep, you couldn't wait for a decent hour to wake us up!?!). By 6:30am, we were home, and by 8am, we were delusional from exhaustion. We have finally recovered by now, though, and are doing well. Well, other than the banking and mortgage nincompoops making me insane.

May God grant me patience in dealing with incompetence, wisdom when making future banking decisions, and serenity, dammit, just because I am overdue.

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  1. Big sister BeckyMay 28, 2008 at 7:20 PM

    Be so careful about these calls. They should be treated just as any other telemarketing call. DO NOT give them any of your personal information!!!